Fresno DJ in Clovis at Trujillo wedding Copeland’s Gardens

Fresno DJ in Clovis at Trujillo wedding Copeland’s Gardens

It was a beautifully cool night in September when Ronnie Vang and Robert of Music Express Fresno dj went to Copeland’s gardens in Clovis for the marriage of Jordan and Paris. Weather wise this was the most perfect night of the year for the wedding. It was very cool for September in the valley yet warm nought so it was comfortable for all. The property was beautifully landscaped with a vintage home on the grounds. It was a perfect site for a wedding in Clovis.

Fresno DJ in Clovis at Trujillo wedding Copeland's Gardens

You can see the couple was beaming with happiness as they had their first dance together as a married couple. Music Express Fresno dj played the music for their first dance, father daughter dance, and mother son dance. The guests were thrilled to see the traditional dances take place. Some of the family had even made it over from Sweden for the celebration.


You can see here the tradition of Cutting the Cake. They were very nice to each other and did not smash the cake in each others face. Everyone gathered around to get a picture of this and witness this time honored tradition. Now it was time for everyone to have an opportunity to have a piece of cake.

Now it was time for the dancing to start. Everyone hit the dance floor and had a great time dancingĀ  to Music Express Fresno dj!

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They spent the rest of the night dancing under the stars of a perfect Clovis night with Music Express. The setting could not have been more perfect and the crowd was wonderful for this wedding in September!



Fresno DJ in Clovis at Trujillo wedding Copeland’s Gardens

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