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Fresno DJ in Clovis Surprise Party DJ

Last night there was a great surprise party in Clovis put on by  the Lennex family. The family pretended it was going to be a graduation party and when the guest of honor showed up she was very surprised to find out it was a surprise party for her!

Fresno DJ in Clovis Surprise Party DJ

Let’s Dance!

The event was held in a great location in Clovis, CA inside a party barn. There was a great dance floor area, a bar, tables, and lighting. The event started off with a video than had pictures set to music of the guest of honor, Monique. This was followed up with dancing all night long to the sounds of Music Express dj in clovis with R & B, Latin Music, Popular Music, Motown, etc.

This was a great Clovis surprise party. At the end of the night, Melissa commented about Music Express Fresno DJ and said, “You guys were great, perfect, the best djs we ever had!”