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Wolfis have great reception with Music Express Elite Fresno wedding dj in Chowchlla

The Wolfis were married in Chowchilla (Great Gatsby themed wedding)  where they had a grear reception with Elite Fresno Wedding DJ in Chowchilla, Music Express! Their theme was taken from their favorite movie. They love the Great Gatsby movie and had videos and favors that flowed with this theme. They were a great couple that knew how to have fun at their wedding.

Elite Fresno Wedding dj in Chowchilla wedding dj fresno ca

The Wolfis having a great time at their cake cutting!

It was an interesting mix of music for this group. They picked rock, 80’s rock, alternative rock, and hip hop for their music. This was one of the best dance parties at a wedding that Music Express has seen in a long time. It was a great group of people having a great time in Chowchilla with Music Express Fresno wedding dj Fresno CA.

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