Fresno wedding dj in Visalia CA plays at Victorian Gardens

Music Express Fresno wedding dj in Visalia CA

Ronnie Vang and Robert Kimball of Music Express traveled down to Visalia to play for the Staal wedding. This is a venue where we have played many times before as a company. The venue has real charm to it and has Victorian style buildings on the property. This is probably the one place we have played the most often in Visalia. On this day, Shelly Leyendekker5 and Daniel Staal  were jointed together in holy matrimony. There wedding was at a church and the reception was held at the Victorian Gardens.

They have a beautiful grassy area with a dance floor right in the middle of the dining area. It has real old world charm and is the perfect setting for an outdoor event! The bride and groom had Christian music in the background during dinner played by Music Express Fresno wedding dj in Visalia CA.  Once this was all done, then it was time to cut the cake. They had a great meal followed my toasts, the first dance, father daughter dance, and the mother son dance.

Then it was time to get the dancing started with the crowd on hand for a great celebration.

Music Express Fresno wedding dj in Visalia CA

Everyone was having a great time on the dance floor! They were dancing to popular music, Christian music, country music, etc. They loved the Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha slide, and even the electric slide. The guests were having a great time at this celebration Fresno wedding dj in Visalia Ca, Music Express.

wedding dj in visalia ca

The party went on for hours. It was a great wedding celebration with Music Express  playing the music everyone loved and directing all of the events for the evening to make sure it was a great night.


Music Express Fresno wedding dj in Visalia CA

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