Yosemite Wedding DJ MUSIC EXPRESS at Redwoods Palands on a rainy day!

Yosemite Wedding DJ MUSIC EXPRESS at Redwoods for Palands

Going to Yosemite is always a good day. The weather can be sunny, rainy, or snowing and it is still a beautiful place! We left Fresno and it was a sunny day in the valley. Knowing full well that it would probably be raining in Yosemite preparations were made just in case it was wet outside. You see the plan was for us to setup the dj equipment outside for a beautiful outdoor reception. Upon arrival we were informed that the ceremony was taking place outside and the guest would be arriving in about an hour. Lauren and Brian were getting married in the beautiful landscape of Yosemite close to the Redwoods facility which is only a couple years old. The area around the venue is beautiful and has redwood trees and waterfalls which were gushing this time of year.

Since it was raining outside, the guests arrived early to keep dry.  The background music was started early so the guests could enjoy it while they were mingling and having appetizers. The bride and groom arrived and were brought inside by Music Express Yosemite wedding dj to stay warm and dry while they were announced to their guests. Dinner was to follow along with the toasts. Next it was time for Lauren and Brian to have their first dance together!

Yosemite wedding dj Music Express

After the first dance, it was hard to believe what happened next! Music Express Yosemite wedding dj started playing dance music. Their was a room that was covered and out the rain. It was cleared out for dancing, but when the dancing music started all the guests decided to stay out on the patio and dance in the rain. Who could have predicted that! They had a great time dancing all afternoon.

Yosemite Wedding DJ MUSIC EXPRESS at Redwoods for Palands

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